harbour boat trips by Trentemøller

Join us on our musical harbour boat trips.  For the first volume Trentemøller from Copenhagen opens his private music box his mix melts dreamy neo folk and shoegazer rock songs with heart-wrenching female vocals and electro-induced post-rock. Spiced with odds, outtakes and Trentemøller‘s own edits, the mix features songs from nearly four decades. If you wondered what inspired the musical mastermind of Anders Trentemøller - here you'll get an idea.

▮▮ Trentemøller - Somersault
▮▮ Trentemøller - Miss You
▮▮ Trentemøller - Ghost Rider


1. Heavy Water
2. Lifesaver
3. Somersault
4. Miss You
5. Anemone
6. Back To The Burner
7. Phosphorescence
8. Ghost Rider
9. I Know I'll See You
10. She's Lost Control
11. Melody Day
12. Devil's Water

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