Acapella Records is an independant music label created in 2010 by a bunch of music lovers. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are always looking forward to discovering new artists and give them a chance to show their talent.

Music spectrum is wide and yes, we look always for great music. You are welcome to send your private download/streaming-link to humans@acapella-records.com

Please note that we are not interested in signing music that was around on the internet already and please only expect an answer from us if we like your music. Thank you for understanding.

You can pass by anytime say hello to our offices !

Acapella Records
Chemin de Maillefer 3
1018 Lausanne

Write us an e-mail at


Call us at +41 21 315 22 41

our team

Pierre Ballmer / Owner
Claire Viollet / Direction assistant
Thomas Anderson / Programmer
Julien Dumaz / Programmer
Patricia Vögel / Programmer trainee