remixes by Reptile Youth

Mesmerizing through it’s clarity, rough around the edges and with a strong attitude, Reptile Youth’s selftitled debut album impressed both media and music fans. Triggered by the outstanding “Speeddance” and released in autumn 2012 on hfn music, the album is a complex statement wrapped up in accessible arrangements and an outstanding production. Brilliant songwriting meets thoughtful lyrics, full of rebellion, anger and outbound introspection.

▮▮ Reptile Youth - Broken
▮▮ Reptile Youth - Be My Oko Ono
▮▮ Reptile Youth - Fear (Peaking Lights Remix)


1. Fear
2. Black Swan Born White
3. Speeddance
4.Be My Yoko Ono
5. It's Easy To Lose Yourself
6. Broken
7. Fear (Peaking Lights Remix)
8. Speeddance (Kasper Bjørke Remixe)
9. Liars

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