standing on top of utopia by Kasper Bjørke

The album is an exciting multi-genre journey through Kasper's mature, extravagant and richly musical mind. Lashings of glittering analogue synthesizer jams, warm throbbing post-disco trips, touching, heart-felt pop songs and dark electronic club tools are all present. Kasper really went to town on this album, and each track literally overflowing with top class studio and musical ability. Bursting with live instrumentation, tape-deck overdubs and an unmissable finger-on-the-pulse atmosphere, its a treat for the ears and in fact all the senses. 10 uplifiting, melancholic, timeless and life-affirming songs lie in store.

▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - Young Again
▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - Efficient Machine
▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - Great Kills


1. Animals
2. Young Again
3. Dasko Vanitas
4. Efficient Machine
5. Melmac
6. Alcatraz
7. Great Kills
8. Heaven
9. Fido & The Friendly Ghost
10. Fasano

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