bohemian soul by Kasper Bjørke

The Copenhagen based producer and DJ, is back with an exceptional remix package on hfn music. Having dropped the stunning Fool album earlier this year, we are now treated to several stellar remixes of one of the standout tracks, the third official album ‘Bohemian Soul’.

Kasper had a memorable experience in the Laid Back studio, enlisting both vocal, guitar, 808 and some crazy SH-101 psychedelic acid synth bass jams, of the pioneering 80’s outfit responsible for crossover classics ‘Bakerman’ and ‘White Horse’. Bjørke brings things bang up to date with a sparkling, ferociously epic dancefloor burner. Bjørke's standing on the international electronic music scene is once again evidenced by the quality of the remixes he can call on.

▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - Hummingbirds
▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - All I Hear is Drum
▮▮ Kasper Bjørke - Deep is the Breath


1. Hummingbirds
2. Lose Yourself to Jenny
3. Deep is the Breath
4. Sunrise
5. Overture
6. D.O.A.H
7. All I Hear is Drum
8. Bohemian Soul
9. Ubiquitous
10. US Escape

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