alive in us by Darkness Falls

Back in 2011 Darkness Falls first emerged from the ever-fertile Copenhagen music scene and enchanted our hearts. Vocalist and keyboard player Josephine Philip and guitarist and bass player Ina Lindgreen managed somehow to concoct a heady brew of spacey pop, road-trip melancholia, and woozy, sexy atmospherics that hinted at magical things.

Their debut long player confirmed our suspicions 'Alive In Us' is a blissful trip into a uniquely modern kaleidoscope of emotions and styles – moody and spellbinding, mysterious and somehow heart-warming.

▮▮ Darkness Falls - A Dream Within A Dream
▮▮ Darkness Falls - Timeline
▮▮ Darkness Falls - Hey!


1. A Dream Within A Dream
2. The Void
3. Timeline
4. Before The Light Takes Us
5. Hey!
6. 100 Meters Mind Dash
7. Strangers Coming
8. Mist Mindschief

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